Member Spotlight

GNCC Member, Martha Beaudry, Named Federal Political Coordinator for U.S. Rep. Sylvia Garcia!

Here is her story:

Earlier in my career as a Realtor, prior to joining Boulevard Realty, I opened my own Real Estate brokerage company and consequently found myself getting involved in various organizations as a business owner.  Being a leader of my own company prompted me to be a leader among my peers, so I signed up for the Texas Realtors Leadership Program through the Houston Association of Realtors.  The point of that program is to create future leaders in Real Estate by informing them of opportunities to serve on local, state and national levels, and then prepare them to serve as each individual sees fit.

I started by serving two years as President of the Houston Independent Real Estate Brokers Association (HIREBA) and then I accepted 2 3-year terms serving as a Director with the Texas Association of Realtors which requires me to go to 2 statewide meetings and cast a vote on issues affecting Texas Real Estate; this is my last year in that role. I also currently serve on a couple of committees at the Houston Association of Realtors. Being involved in this capacity builds relationships and connections with a variety of dedicated professionals that otherwise my daily life would never encounter. All these active Realtors are involved in promoting and protecting both the dream of home ownership in America and the improvements in the professional and ethical development of our occupation.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) assigns one Realtor to serve as a Federal Political Coordinator to each Representative in Congress and U.S. Senator. The purpose is to act as a liaison between the two entities and ensure that laws, regulations and policies established by our government protect home ownership. The Realtors selected for these roles typically reside within their Representative’s district. As an active Realtor residing in Near Northside, I was asked by the Houston Association of Realtors if I would serve as an FPC to newly elected Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia.

Annually, I dedicate a week during the month of May in D.C. where, along with other FPC’s, I meet with our respective members of Congress and Senate and discuss the issues NAR finds the most important and pressing at the time. Prior to this meeting, I commit to various webinars and conference calls that prepare me for these meetings. This year, NAR sent us to encourage lawmakers to add LGBQT status added as a protected class in Fair Housing so that they would not be discriminated against, we want to see that Congress continue to fund FEMA for flood insurance and we need to see rules and regulations established for the Federal Opportunity Zone program that was established during this latest tax reform. Our district, Near Northside, stands to gain a lot from this program if implemented properly.

In closing, I would like to emphasize how honored I am not only to serve in this important role but to be doing so for Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia. I have had the privilege to get to know her over the last few months and find her to be an extremely intelligent, thoughtful and committed public servant. Our district could not have elected a better Representative and I look forward to continuing to serve in this role.

Martha Beaudry (Right) with U.S. Representative Sylvia Garcia.