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Texas Roof Renew

At Texas Roof Renew, we specialize in full Roof Replacement via retail or insurance claims along with Rejuvenating shingles through our Roof Maxx Application. Because we do both, we provide the homeowner or property manager with a proper roof assessment.


Roof Maxx is a new and innovated product that is an all-natural soy-based spray-on application that helps put flexibility back into an asphalt shingle. With the elements in Houston, we see a large number of shingles begin to crack and blister and lose that flexibility around the 7-year mark of a roof replacement. What Roof Maxx does is rejuvenates those shingles and extends the life of the roof up to 15 years.


We work with Realtors, Home Inspectors and Insurance Agents who have homeowners and commercial property clients that are looking for an economical alternative to a roof replacement. Roof Maxx is about 20% the cost of a roof replacement.


Our Company does full assessments both residential and commercial.


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