Member Spotlight


Amanda Rossen is the owner of “CBDTX.com”, a CBD consulting business that prides itself on concierge service to customers who are looking for natural remedies to treat ailments and to also sustain optimum overall health and wellness through plant-based medicine.

Amanda is a Presidential Founder of Green Compass Global, a company that is pioneering in the CBD space, as the only USDA Certified Organic CBD company that one can partner with as a customer or as an independent advocate.  In addition to working with her customers, Amanda leads a nationwide team of over 300 advocates, and frequently does company-wide trainings for the field of over 17,000 advocates.

Amanda has a passion for educating on the amazing health benefits of hemp-derived CBD, and also how to identify a high-quality product that will have effectiveness.  With Green Compass, you can have confidence that you're purchasing the highest of quality. They are pure, safe, and effective, with hemp that is 100% American-grown and undergoes an extremely detailed quality-control process. The result? CBD and hemp extracts of unmatched excellence, thanks to our nurturing cultivation and dedication to the plant.

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